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Wherever you go, take yourself with you ~ Lolly Daskal

You know what’s really hard to do?

Trying to guess and do what would please someone else, even if it’s something you wouldn’t normally do – that’s what!

Not only does it make you feel awkward, most times it doesn’t work. It’s true what they say, people can spot a phony a mile away!

The mal effects go beyond that one circumstance as well. Because if you do this often with a variety of people; you will appear flighty and inconsistent to others.

And inconsistency is percieved as a lack of integrity. Being a person with integrity requires you to be the same on the outside as you are on the inside. It means that people who know you can predict how you will respond to a given situation.

The truth is you cannot possibly please everyone anyway. But chances are you’ll gain more respect from others by being consistently true to yourself and your values, than you will by pretending to be someone else.

In the end, it just makes more sense to bring yourself everywhere you go.


Do you bring yourself everywhere you go?