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Louise and Beaumont, July 2015

Louise and Beaumont, July 2015

Last Thursday I headed over to my good friend, Louise Gallagher‘s place so we could catch up on the goings-on in each other’s lives; but mostly I went to meet the newest family member of the recently hitched Mr. and Mrs. CC.

Let me back up for a moment…

It’s been a couple of summers since Ellie the much-loved Wonder Pooch passed away.

Back then, Louise had lovingly arranged heart-shaped rocks in a special spot in the park to commemorate Ellie, her faithful companion of many years.

It was a spot that the family could visit and remember their beloved pet who had been a constant at Louise’s side; both in good times and some really bad times.

Most recently, Louise felt she was ready for a new dog in their family.

As if Ellie was giving her blessing from the other side, the heart-shaped rocks that had been placed in her memory, were suddenly gone.

Fast forward to last Thursday and I was in Louise’s beautiful, Zen-like-I-could-live-here-all-summer garden meeting Beaumont.

To say that I immediately fell in love with him and fantasized about how I could kidnap him feels like an understatement.

Come here Beaumont - atta boy!

Come here Beaumont – atta boy!

I mean look at him – how cute is he!

Oh my gosh - he's adorable!

Oh my gosh – he’s adorable!

I know Louise was saying something to me in this moment, but I just couldn’t concentrate on her words. I was completely and utterly infatuated with Beaumont.

He’s so gentle and sweet and loveable and cute!

And I’m not alone in my thinking.

Another person who recently met Beaumont threatened to kidnap him on Facebook!

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In spite of the fact that Beaumont stole my heart, Louise and I did manage to catch up on each other’s latest news and share some wonderful food and drink.

Thanks Louise and Beaumont for a lovely afternoon.

You two are made for each other and I wish you many years of love, laughter and play!


It’s amazing how pets touch our lives and fit so beautifully into our families. Do you have a story about a pet that means/meant the world to you?