I found Lucas over at Legionwriter very recently when I read the post I’ve chosen for my Friday Pick this week. I look forward to reading more posts from Lucas and am intrigued by the idea that he ‘sees’ stories and translates them into words.

In Lucas’ own words:

Somebody once told me that there are stories all around us, swirling about in the air. A writer can not only “see” the stories, but he can translate the story from vision to words. I can see stories. They warm my heart, they frighten me, they delight and depress me, and at times they drive me mad. When I am able, I turn the stories into something that others can see.

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In this post Lucas talks about his sons’ school journals and the power of the written word…

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Give Me Ever More of Your Words by Legionwriter


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