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ON SATURDAY, THE BRIDGELAND COMMUNITY in Calgary, Alberta hosted its inaugural Bridgeland Cultural Festival. And I knew from the moment I’d heard about it, that I wanted to go.

Helga, always game to do anything, met me at the Bridgeland train station and together we walked to 1st Avenue NE to check it out.

My new and funky hippie watch

My new and funky hippie watch

Although only one block of the street was closed to cars, the community had a wonderful selection of unique vendors.

I wasn’t even there five minutes when I saw a table with handmade watches and bracelets.

I used to always wear a watch, but these days, it’s just as easy to check the time on my BlackBerry.

Also, back then, I was sort of hippyish…

(In my head, I can hear my daughter asking in disbelief, “Was…?”)

…and wore a lot of leather and denim everything.

Anyway, when I saw this watch I had to have it!

We checked out every booth there while a host of bands and dancers performed on the stage.

Helga purchased some herbal bread, specifically prepared so that one can tear off one strip at a time, to munch on right from the paper bag.

We also checked out all the stores a few blocks in both directions and bought a coffee from a merchant who grows their own beans down south and roasts them right here in Calgary.

Well done Bridgeland, I will be back for your 2nd annual cultural festival!

When we had seen all there was to see, Helga walked with me back to the train station. She then hopped on her bike and headed back to Inglewood while I waited for the downtown train.

I wasn’t in a hurry, so I got off at City Hall Station to walk the mile or two back home. On my way, I took a few more pictures. (below)

All in all, it was a gorgeous summery day to explore my beautiful city. I’m looking forward to the many other events that will be taking place during my favourite season of the year.


What’s your most favourite item purchased at a community festival recently? Do you have cycle tracks in your city?