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Life isn’t tied with a bow, but it’s still a gift. – Regina Brett


You know how sometimes nothing seems to work out?

You try and you try, and the harder you try, the more it all comes apart at the seams.

And if you dare tell someone about it, you’re asked, “What are you gonna do it about it?”

and told to have a better attitude

to think more positively

and stop being a whiner… suck it up, princess.

So you keep it to yourself.

You pretend everything’s fine

and you lay awake at night, your mind turning it over and over and over until you’re sure you’ve gone mad.

And then something happens to remind you that life is a gift.

Help, in the form of exactly what you need, comes from family or a friend.

You hear the uninhibited laugher of a child playing outside.

A butterfly in all its splendor lands close by  – as if it’s a messenger from God to tell you that you’re loved.

You become the pleasantly surprised witness to the most glorious sunset in the history of mankind.


What has recently reminded you that life is a gift?