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Normally, I like painting pictures with words. So what do I do when I’m short on words? Well, I share pictures with you. Pictures are worth a thousand words, right?

So here’s a glimpse into my stomping grounds over the last two or so months. You’ve seen this one somewhere before, haven’t you? Do you remember where?


Scroll up. See my banner photo? Well this is the original photo I cropped for use up top. When I’m out and about, I like to take photos of things that catch my eye. I snapped this one, pointing my phone kitty corner from where I stood waiting for the pedestrian light to change. That’s the Calgary Tower and when it was built in the late 60’s it was the tallest structure around. Now when you go to the top, instead of just looking down on everything, you can look up into offices.

IMG_20150308_134443_edit_edit (2)I took this photo at my Thinking Spot on the Elbow River. Well actually the couple in the photo were sitting on my bench, so I snapped it from a bench on higher ground. I felt kind of guilty taking it, because they were sharing an intimate moment, laughing, being affectionate – ahh young love!

IMG_20150308_140329_edit_edit (2)

I snapped this photo on 4th Street, heading north and cropped it so you could see red-cap-guy better.

IMG_20150313_134002 (2)

Everywhere I walk, there’s construction. That pile of wood there was once the outdoor swimming pool at the Glencoe Club. I hope they’re just building it anew as it’s operational all year-round. It’s weird to walk by on a cold winter day and see people swimming in the outdoor heated pool.

IMG_20150319_151126_edit (2)Here’s another shot of the Calgary Tower taken from the Central Memorial Park entrance from 4th Street.

IMG_20150322_130009 (2)I shot this picture on 10th Avenue because even in construction, there is beauty to be found. It also showcases our beautiful Alberta skies.

IMG_20150322_130116_edit_edit (2)This is the same crane I captured in the previous photo, I love the reflection of it in the building. Isn’t it cool?

Speaking of photos being worth a thousand words. Check out these goofy selfies I took a few nights ago and texted to my daughter.

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These types of texts always result in a one-word response from my daughter



Do you send goofy texts to your kids? Do you think I’m a weirdo? What words come to mind when looking at my pictures?