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Instead of publishing a post this morning, I sat staring at this.

Instead of publishing a post this morning, I sat staring at this.

Yeah, yeah my post is late but I have a really good reason. I really do enjoy connecting with you all here on WordPress and I would rather have done that, believe-you-me!

But I’ve been procrastinating in another area and it finally caught up with me today.

Before I get into that though, let me back up a bit to tell you the circumstances that led up to my having to face my little procrastination issue.

Early last week, I’d been talking to my Mom and when she asked, I told her that earlier in the day I’d taken my very dirty car for a car wash and delivered USB sticks of the complete computer files of a campaign I’d been working on to my latest clients.

My Mom, well aware that I walk most everywhere, hardly driving my car, suggested that I take it out on the highway for a little ‘exercise.’ She added that I should invite my BFF, Helga with me, and find a nice place to drive and relax.

When I mentioned this to Helga later in the week, we talked about going to Taber, Alberta. Neither of us had ever been and Taber’s made the news recently as they’ve implemented some controversial, maybe even, unconstitutional bylaws including: no yelling, no swearing, no congregating in groups of more than three, and a curfew for teenagers. For more info on that, click here.

We wanted to go check it out for ourselves, maybe even yell at each other in public to test their resolve.

When I googled a map to get there, I quickly realized it is way further away than I wanted to drive.

We settled on a trip to High River, a mere 44 minutes away. So on Saturday, after Helga’s tutoring session, she came over to my place and we got into my car and took off.

Barely 5 kilometers into the trip, I noticed what appeared to be smoke coming out from under my hood.

We pulled into a gas station, popped the hood and noticed the rad cap was loose and the coolant had been leaking out. So I bought coolant, topped it off, and tightly secured the rad cap. I will spare you the many blond moments that occurred during what should have been a simple process.

So off we went again. But moments later, my oil/engine light came on – a first since I’ve owned this car. So we pulled into another gas station to check the oil. Needless to say, it was low, so I bought some 5W30 and poured it in. When I started the car again, I held my breath waiting for the oil/engine light to turn off – and finally it did!

By this point, I was too nervous to head out onto the wide-open highway and make civilization a distant memory, so I mumbled an apology to Helga and turned back onto the Ring Road leading to highway 2 to at least give the car a bit of a run.

So now back to why my post is late. Instead of writing my post this morning, I am sitting here in Meineke writing it out in long-hand while getting my overdue oil change and 23-point inspection. They also came across a few other items that need to be dealt with, making me happier than ever about canceling Saturday’s trip.

Now that my car’s back up to snuff, a trip down to Taber next weekend to poke fun at their bylaws might be fun.


Are you a procrastinator? What things are you most likely to procrastinate?