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It is love that makes the impossible possible. ~ Unknown

It’s easy to forget, sometimes, amid the stories of greed, selfishness and corruption that there is love in this world.

And then something happens that reminds us.

Like the rescue of baby Lily who had been trapped in a car for fourteen hours when first responders rushed to her aid.

She wasn’t moving or breathing it seemed, but rescuers did not give up; they tapped her back, they performed CPR, they rushed her to hospital.

Several days later, playing with her dad, it’s hard to imagine she had been as good as gone.

Below body-cam footage shows heroic Utah rescue of ‘Baby Lily’ from submerged car.


it seems bleak, what is left of hope hangs on by a thread.

It feels certain that any effort to overcome would be futile. It would be easier to just give up.

But then LOVE shows up, in the form of a family member, a friend or even a stranger, and it makes the impossible possible.


Can you think of a time in your life when love showed up and made the impossible possible?