Laura over at laurabednarz24 says she lives to inspire and provide guidance to others through her words. She’s a single mom and a registered nurse who hopes to write a book one day. Check out the post that I have chosen as my Friday Pick this week below.

In Laura’s own words:

My inspiration for today’s blog came to mind after hearing Brad Paisley’s song “letter to me”.  I thought, “Why not write a letter to myself?”  It just so happens that in nursing school they made us do this and write “Do not open unless in serious of doubt”.  I think this can be a strategy for many issues and occurences we face to bring us light into the current situation.

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In this post Laura shares what she would write to herself about standing up for herself in middle school…

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A letter to myself. What would you write? by laurabednarz24


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