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Aww we love you Boston! <3

Aww we love you Bostonians! ❤

I cannot believe the weather Boston has been having!

It seems they just finish cleaning up snow when another snow storm hits.

Here in Canada, Manitoba has seen temperatures as low as -36c/-33f.

New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are dealing with snow banks that are 2 meters/7.5 ft. high.

Montreal has seen the longest stretch of cold weather in 80 years.

But we’re not seeing anything like that here in Calgary.

It’s as if we’re in a protective bubble. On the weekend it did snow, but the snow melted on Monday as temperatures rose to 13c/56f – unbelievably unseasonal!

Please forgive me. Don’t be mad.

I’m not trying to be insensitive – honest!

This is not the norm for Calgary. And if Bostonians have accepted their fate as Canadians, then Calgarians are embracing their fate as Californians.

5th Street SW, Calgary AB

5th Street SW, Calgary AB

Just look at that blue sky! Can you see the sun’s reflection on the high-rise in the distance? There’s got to be some snow somewhere, right? So I continued on in search of snow.


Mission Crossing, Calgary AB February 2015

And there it is, I found snow. These two snow banks in front of Mission crossing have got to be almost 2 ft. high!


These musician gladly consented to having their picture taken. Tompkins Park, Calgary AB Feb 2015

These musicians gladly consented to having their picture taken. Tompkins Park, Calgary AB Feb 2015

I know it doesn’t seem fair. We’ve been quite fortunate this winter.

But don’t you worry, March is typically our heaviest snowfall month; that ought to make the skiers and snowboarders happy.

And to tell the truth, I’m ready for some snow!


 Maybe you should be considering a trip to Calgary for a break from winter?