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“People think I’m disciplined. It is not discipline. It is devotion. There is a great difference.” – Luciano Pavarotti

IHateMyJobDo you love what you do? Well if you do, you’re in the minority.

According to RYOT News & Action’s post here, 70% of Americans hate their stupid jobs.

It’s not that different outside America. A world-wide poll of a 140 countries indicates that only 13 % of people like their jobs.

I suppose if you’re in the majority of people who don’t like their jobs, it takes a great deal of discipline on your part to do a good job.

If you are in the minority, you’ve probably been heard saying, “I can’t believe I get paid to do this!” You likely don’t have to exercise great discipline to do your job; in fact, you can’t wait until Monday so you can get back at it!

Most of us will never have the perfect job. But we can have projects that inspire our devotion, and hopefully these will make up for the parts of our job we hate.


Do you love your great job or hate your stupid job? Or do you find yourself somewhere in the middle?