I follow Stuart over at Storyshucker from my other blog. Stuart writes about his every day real life experiences. Whether he’s waiting for a bus, or spending a weekend alone at Chesapeake Bay, Stuart masterfully pulls me into his story. I’m pretty sure you’ll click follow once you’ve read my Friday Pick.

In Stuart’s own words:

Life is full of “mini-scenarios”, each hiding an interesting story. Peeling back, or shucking the mundane facts from the situation to reveal the entertaining story beneath is what Stuart enjoys most. Shucking the story from the facts. Storyshucker. Stuart currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In this post Stuart humorously invites us to think about whether we are inclined to get sprinkled or splattered…

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Free Show by Storyshucker


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