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Hear's my Soul Café, Calgary AB

Hear’s my Soul Café, Calgary AB

We’ve had some incredibly warm weather in Calgary due to Chinook winds, but every good thing must come to an end, right?

Sure, we’re still expecting above average temperatures in the next few days, but today will be 10 degrees colder than yesterday.

Sunday was by far the warmest at 17c/63f.

I couldn’t wait to get outside!

A friend of mine, Jen had arranged a coffee klatsch with me and another friend, Anita. We were to meet at Hear’s my Soul Café in the east village.

I’d been to the café only once before and loved the vibe of the place.  I had tried to show Jen the place a few weeks earlier, but when we got there it was closed for a private function.

No matter, I was looking forward to getting Jen’s and Anita’s reaction to it, and its unique story, on this particularly warm and sunny day.

I overestimated the time it would take me to walk the 22 blocks there, so when I arrived early, I sat down on a sunny bench, kitty-corner from the café to wait for Jen and Anita.

While I waited, two gentlemen who live in a senior’s complex nearby came over to introduce themselves. We chatted for a bit about the weather and the various ailments they suffered from. They were sweet and kind and made me laugh.

I excused myself when I saw Anita climb the stairs to the café.

“It’s closed,” she called to me as I crossed the street.

Drats! Could it be that I just wasn’t supposed to bring anyone here?

I sent a text to Jen to meet us at another coffee shop a short four blocks away. In spite of having to change our plans, the three of us managed to do a lot of klatsching.


I was disappointed that Hear’s my Soul was closed because the history of its incorporation and the building that it’s housed in is a fascinating story. I was looking forward to learning more from the owner. I will share the story with you another time.