I’ve seen several stories lately on what type of toys people should get for their children.

It’s been suggested, for example, that if we buy dolls for our sons, we will grow more nurturing men.

That the traditional toy choices for boys are outdated and that we relegate them to narrow choices in their future if we do not expose them to dolls.

It follows that perhaps we should be buying little trucks for girls, thereby opening up their future choices as well.

Here’s what I think

I think it’s entirely possible that we’re over-analyzing this.

In fact, I think this topic could be filed under #FirstWorldProblems

I grew up with a brother.

I had dolls.

He had trucks.

Sometimes he played with my dolls.

Sometimes I played with his trucks.

Sometimes we played with both, together.

The truth is that kids have personalities at an early age.

Some are analytical, like my brother who took things apart and put them back together again.

Some are creative, like me who loved writing, drawing and playing in ways that engaged my imagination.

Some have other qualities like (Go ahead, fill in the blank)

It is more likely that things like good manners, treating others well, nurturing relationships, etc., are learned by the example parents provide them in the way they live their lives.

How about we just let our kids tell us what toys they would like, let them play the way they want to play and nurture the gifts they reveal to us through their play?


What do you think?