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Laughter is the shortest distance between two people – Victor Borge

imagesBWFPZC73I decided on Friday that I should pick up some food at the local grocery store.

It was a good day to do so as they were calling for a bone-chilling -17c/1f on Saturday.

While waiting in line to pay for my groceries, I couldn’t help notice how quiet and somber everyone was.

The line seemed to be moving unusually slow. I started to get hot in my down-filled coat. It was brutal.

That is until Joshua the grocery bagger, a man in his early 20s; half his hair cut short, the other half a sweeping mane of flowing hair across his forehead, came flying in and announced, “Joshua to the rescue!”

I chuckled. “No surprise,” I said. “Your name means he saves, deliverer.”

“It does?”

“Yup. So go forth and live up to it!”

Several folks, including Joshua laughed. No longer somber, those of us in line were smiling and chatting with each other about the weather, about the new year, about whatever.

The line moved faster or maybe it just seemed that way…you know how time flies when you’re having fun?