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untitled4Last year I chose the word tenacity for 2014 and it sure came in handy, let me tell ya!

There were times I just wanted to give up on The Other Bottom Line, but I stuck it out even though it seemed crazy to do so.

I also chose 5 priorities in 2014: God, Tribe, Necessities, Purpose and Health – priorities that I will again carry into the new year.

Tenacity and courage and boldness and freedom are natural words for me to choose and truly there’s nothing wrong with those words – they’re good attributes!

Yesterday I wrote this post about my word for 2015 on my other blog.

It’s a very short read but in case you don’t want to head over there, the word I chose is service.

Let me tell you how I ended up landing on the word service.

As you may recall, in 2014 I wrote a few rants, some of which can be found here, here and here  – these posts were mostly jabs at the government.

The other night, I was flying off the handle again about our provincial and federal governments with my BFF. When she stopped me in my tracks by saying:

Look Di, it doesn’t matter which leader or party is in power. They’re all gonna have this sense of entitlement. They’re all going to eventually look after their own interests.

The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. 

They’re selfish.

I’m selfish.

You’re selfish.

It’s human nature.

The only person’s actions that you can control, are your own. Stop asking what the government is going to do. What are you going to do?

We both sat silent for a moment. A heavy feeling of hopelessness and sadness came over us.

Having sat with the heaviness of this for a few moments, we started to talk about what this can mean for us. We didn’t have complete agreement, but here were a few of my thoughts:

What right do I have to complain about the government for not doing something about the issues right in front of them, if I am not doing something about the issues right in front of me?

Sure, I’ve been involved with non-profits. And yes, I believe I’ve made a difference many times over. It was my job to do so. I was paid to do it and of course I’ve been passionate about it and have striven to do my best.

But there are so many people who feel alone, who are hurting, who are desperate for just one person to care enough to help them through right here in my neighbourhood, in my family, in my realm and ability to make a difference.

To be fair, I have done so on several occasions, yet there have also been times when I’ve looked away and kept going about my business; isn’t that what I’ve been accusing the government of doing?

I don’t know how my word will play out in 2015 – I’m a tad nervous about it. I’m not sure how I will balance my needs with the needs of others. But I do know that when I meet my Maker and give account for my choices, he’s not going to ask me who I voted for, or how I held my government, or anyone else for that matter, accountable.


And that is how I came to choose the word service for 2015. Did you choose a word for the new year? If so, what’s your word?