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An open letter to Danielle Smith:

At first I was just confused.

I was sure I was hearing it wrong.

Now, the more I think about it, the angrier I get!

Just a week or two ago you ended a friendship with someone who crossed the floor to the PCs. You said she would have to answer to her constituents!

Here’s the kicker, Danielle. I’m from the east originally, a staunch Liberal.

But I noticed you.

You seemed to be a woman of, and for, the people.

You seemed to speak your mind, defend your party members when controversies arose. I began to like you! I thought to myself, that woman’s got integrity. I started to believe there could be honest politicians.

I was seriously considering voting Wildrose in the next election. Several friends whom I deeply respect were backing you and entering into politics under the Wildrose banner. Well I guess we can be thankful that you showed your true colours before we really started believing in you!

And then this. You cross the floor and urge other members to do the same?

WTH Danielle?

I don’t know what kind of back room meetings you’ve been attending. But I do know you’re not a woman for the people. You’re a woman for yourself! Did you strategize a better career move with your decision? Are you drawing a better a salary?

A co-worker told me today that her parents figured they should just get a bunch of folks to run as PC members and then cross the floor to the NDP party when they’re elected. And why not, it’s no more of a mockery than you’ve committed.

Turns out that you’re just full of the same you-know-what you’ve been accusing the PCs of all along!  I guess I’m back to voting for the least offensive person again in the next election.

As for you, you’ll be answering to your constituents, I imagine.

What a disappointment you’ve turned out to be.

Diana Schwenk, Calgary AB