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imagesWhen I was growing up my parents stressed the importance of saying I’m sorry, Excuse me, Please and Thank You.

And by stressed, I mean enforced it to the point that it became a natural part of who I am.

The other day, while on shift at my second job, my co-worker remarked, “Diana, people really warm up to you, you’re so polite!”

I’ve experienced similar comments over the years.

You say thank you a lot! You were so polite with that server! That person totally relaxed their shoulders when you apologized!

This catches me somewhat off guard. When did being polite become the exception to the rule? When did saying thank you or please or excuse me or I’m sorry become something that stands out from the norm?

I spend a lot of time writing about saying thank you and being grateful here and at The Other Bottom Line. Even in my professional life it is a point I find myself stressing over and over!

Good job Mom – the lesson stuck!

Have we become so busy that there is no time to be polite? Do we really need reminders about minding our Ps and Qs? Why does it surprise people when they encounter good manners?

Yesterday as I was leaving Kalamata, not the city, the store, I came face-to-face with a man through the glass door.

I stopped in my tracks.

The gentleman grabbed the handle and pulled the door open for me.

I said, I’m sorry – thank you!

And he responded with ‘No worries, my pleasure.’

Much to my surprise, his kind gesture and polite demeanour stood out to me as different from the norm.