It’s a busy, busy week for me! In lieu of my usual Hump Day Chronicles, I am reblogging this post. I think it has some excellent Christmas ideas for us to consider if we are inclined to give in ways that help others this Christmas season. ❤

Philanthropy Times

Santa holding a red heart with snow There are so many ways you can give this holiday season!
Image: Shutterstock

We all get into a rush during the holiday season; from rushing around shopping for gifts to hosting parties and potlucks, it can be hard to take a step back and consider if you’ve gone enough good this year. In the midst of holiday chaos, it is worth it to pause and think about those who have no one to give to them. Here are five ways to give back while still embracing the holiday season:

  1. Buy the Soccket for someone you care about. Described as an “energy-harnessing soccer ball,” this awesome invention plays like a soccer ball and then can generate enough electricity to power a lamp, cell hone or water purifier. Play for one hour and get a six-hour charge. Buy one for children in need or donate one a local gift drive.
  2. Going on…

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