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We must learn to live together as brothers, or perish together as fools ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

brothersAs someone who generates a ton of ideas a minute, I can understand the high one feels when their idea is chosen and implemented.

As someone who believes in collaboration and using the gifts of people around the table, I can also understand the high of grabbing onto someone else’s great idea and running with it.

So what is it about us humans that puts us at odds when we disagree about one thing, even when we hold so many other things in common?

Why is it so important to be right?

Why is it so often, “… my way or the highway?”

What prevents us from engaging at a point where we agree and moving forward from there?

Why can’t we see the gifts in diversity?

If we want peace, we need to stop seeing the things that make us different.

If we want to prosper, we need to stop eying each other suspiciously.

My brother, my sister, my mother, my father, my son and my daughter.

It’s time we see each other as family.