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untitled2WHEN I WAS YOUNGER, and up until as recently as ten years ago, if you were to look into my closet, everything was black.

I had black shoes and black boots.

Black dresses, skirts and suits.

Black jeans, sweats, shirts, blouses and jackets.

Everything was black.

My dad used to call me Diana Cash, referencing Johnny Cash, who as we know wore all black.

A whole host of people from family to co-workers to friends tried relentlessly to convince me to add a little colour to my wardrobe.

Finally, I gave in and began purchasing clothes with some colour.

Not big nasty flowers or prints or anything like that… but colour just the same.

I added reds and blues and yellows and even some BLING!

Truth be told, black kind of makes me look pale and blotchy anyway.

The good news is, now I have lots of colour!

The other good news is that I got the part-time job I applied for and I start in November!

Ironically, I’m required to wear ALL BLACK!


Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

If you need me, I’ll be out shopping for black clothes. 😉

Life’s like that.