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Michaela, 7 months, playing piano at Oma and Opa's house

Michaela, 8 months old, playing piano at Oma and Opa’s house

That’s what she asked me when she called on Monday.

What are you most proud of…what is your greatest accomplishment?

Rebecca was calling me in response to a short-term job I had applied for. Something that I might enjoy doing and would allow me to make some extra cash.

The phone interview was the first screening.

What AM I most proud of, I wondered.

So used to being at the other end of an interview – being the one asking the questions.

So used to selling a cause and not necessarily selling myself.

My mind went straight to my professional accomplishments:

  • my work on the GNA committee
  • the 90-day plan I developed to win people over so that they no longer feared affordable housing for the homeless in the downtown core
  • helping that other small non-profit get a better understanding of their fund development history and working with them to develop strategies to move forward.

And other such things…

No. That’s not what Rebecca was looking for, so she rephrased the question. What are you passionate about?

“Well I guess I’m most passionate about being true to myself,” I began. “Of standing up for what I believe, even when I have to stand alone.

I’m proud of raising my daughter as a single parent. And intentionally not speaking ill of her dad while she was growing up – I’d seen too many times what kind of damage that does to children.

I’m proud that when I left a job I had loved for many years, that had turned ugly during a leadership change, I did it with my integrity and dignity intact.

I’m passionate about following my heart, even when I am afraid. And I am determined to ensure that my word is better than a signed contract.


So used to selling a cause and not necessarily selling myself…

Nevertheless, a valuable experience for me and a second interview is scheduled!


What are you most proud of? What is your greatest accomplishment? What are you passionate about?