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IMG_20141006_103052Not ‘fall‘ or ‘jump’ out of my window.

But fall, the season, as seen from my window.

I’ve read so many posts from a handful of you recently about letting go.

Letting go of the outcomes.

Letting go of the things I cannot control.

Going with the flow.

Riding the wave and enjoying the scenery.

So although the end of summer has caused me sadness in the past. Perhaps even had me momentarily thinking about jumping out of my window, I’m gracefully easing into fall this year.

Looking back, it was a great summer.

We had lots of good weather and I spent a great deal of time outside.

Looking forward, I anticipate a good fall.

Discovering ways to enjoy the outdoors, dressing as required to stay warm.

Living in the moment.

Below, some pictures I took on the first day of fall and a bonus end-of-summer creatively crazed selfie in poor light….



Looking back, how was your summer? Looking forward, what are you anticipating?