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To succeed, you need to be easy to start and hard to stop. ~ unattributed

It’s been one year since I started The Other Bottom Line. And in that time, I’ve:

  • provided one organization with their fund development history and 3-5 year strategy.
  • worked with another organization as a bum-in-a-seat employee.
  • facilitated the process to find a sponsor for, and drafted a gift agreement for another.
  • helped another consulting company conduct searches for two non-profits.

The in-between times haven’t always been easy. I’ve had my hopes dashed a few times. I’ve spent some time playing the ‘Hurry Up and Wait’ game. I’ve been disheartened.

When I have wanted to give up, I kept going by:

  • Documenting processes and accomplishments; referring to them often.
  • Doing the things I vehemently didn’t want to do; moving them to the top of the list.
  • Sacrificing the fluffy things. You’d be amazed how much you don’t really need.
  • Being generous. Sharing knowledge and expertise.
  • Celebrating the wins. Learning from the losses, then moving past them.
  • Being open. Asking questions. Listening to others who have been there. 


How do you ensure that you’re easy to start and hard to stop?