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ON SATURDAY I DROVE THREE HOURS NORTH TO EDMONTON to meet with my daughter Michaela, her sister Alana, her future mother-in-law Judy and her Maid of Honour Jessica at David’s Bridal Shop.

You didn't think I would show you the entire dress did you?

You didn’t think I would show you the entire dress did you?

She had a 3:30 appointment with a wedding dress expert/consultant/employee. Having never married myself, I had no idea you could make an appointment like this.

But it’s brilliant and I highly recommend it!

When we first got there, they handed Michaela an iPad that featured all their dresses and told her to scroll through the pictures and pick the ones that she liked.

When she had chosen her favourites, the expert/consultant/employee handed her a form to fill out and asked her some questions about budget, etc., to further narrow the search.

Then she walked us to the fitting rooms, lined up some chairs for us to sit on and pulled several dresses based on those Michaela had chosen and the information she had gleaned.

She was very good at her job. She helped Michaela get into and out of the dresses, gave advice on veils, corsets and jewelry and made it all a very good experience for all of us.

I’m not a big fan of shopping and Michaela and I never expected that we would find the perfect dress that day, but we did, largely due to a very helpful and competent employee.

Because I don’t trust my failing night vision for highway driving, I decided to take a hotel room and return to Calgary the next morning. To my delight, Michaela decided to spend the night with me.

We stayed at the Coast Plaza Hotel in downtown Edmonton, so we went out on foot to do a bit of exploring and find a place to have supper. We settled on a pub a couple of blocks away where we enjoyed a great meal, wonderful conversation and a drink to celebrate finding the perfect wedding dress.

I am grateful that Michaela found the dress of her dreams and it was a pleasure to meet her future MIL and Maid of honour. But mostly I cherish every opportunity I get to spend with my beautiful daughter.


One day she was a little baby, and suddenly she’s a grown woman. Where did the time go? I’m new at this whole Mother of the Bride thing, do you have any advice or helpful tips for me leading up to the wedding date?