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When I first moved to Calgary I was told by locals if I don’t like the weather I need only wait five minutes.

I remember writing a letter to my parents that said dressing in layers is the way to go in Calgary.

Wear shorts and a T-shirt and carry pants, a hoodie and a jacket in your backpack. That way, no matter what the weather throws at you, you can dress or undress accordingly.

Most recently, as if right out of a Stephen King novel, Calgary had its first snowstorm.

The day before it was 22c (72f) and I was whooping it up with friends at a barbecue.

Then on the very next day, I woke up to -1c (30f) and several inches of snow.

The trees were still in full leaf and completely green – no fall colours yet.  Wet and heavy, the snow broke boughs from at least 80% of Calgary’s trees. It is costing The City millions to clean up. What an eerie sound it makes when whole parts of a tree rip from the trunk and crash to the ground.

A summer snowstorm – what a shock to the system!

I am happy to say that things are feeling like summer again and it’s 25c (77f)

Thankfully, I had the wherewithal to take pictures every day or two so I could share this phenomenon with you!


What’s the weirdest weather you’ve ever experienced?