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The language of friendship is not words but meanings. – Henry David Thoreau

Louise Gallagher Calgary 2014

Louise Gallagher
Calgary 2014

On Thursday afternoon I was looking forward to meeting with Louise Gallagher of Dare Boldly.

Louise and I first met offline, through our common passion and work with, and for, people who live on the streets.

Back in those days, Louise initiated a yearly Christmas wine and dine between us – a sacred space of sorts – for us to speak frankly and from our hearts about our joys, concerns and desired collaborative vision for the homeless sector and community living in general.

An open and trusting conversation was born that transcended our respective organizations and the common cause they shared.

And it was Louise who encouraged me to start a blog!

After some hits and misses as to where we would meet (restaurants that don’t exist anymore) we settled on Mannie’s on 17th Avenue.

There we fed our bodies with delicious food and wine and fed each other’s souls with our individual stories and dreams.

I always feel encouraged when we meet up to catch up. Inevitably there is something I am struggling with and saying it out loud and learning from Louise that I am not alone in my struggles, or hearing her perspective lifts my spirit and re-energizes me.

This is the gift of friendship. This is the value of community.

But it wasn’t all about us and our offline tête-à-tête. We talked about the value of our online community, particularly the readers we share in the blogosphere and how your insights and encouragements are a blessing to us.

Perhaps your ears were burning Ann, Val, Julie, Lisa, Elizabeth, Ian and I can’t remember who else!!


Maybe Jess C. Scott summarized it best when she said, “Friends are the family you choose.”

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