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Meet regularly with someone who holds vastly different views from you ~ unattributed


SO THIS ISN’T THE NORM for me, because let’s face it – life is much easier when people agree with me.

And depending on whom I’m speaking with and what the topic is, often I will keep my mouth shut, for fear of hurting the other person’s feelings.

But even I have to admit that there’s value in varying views.

So it’s something that I engage in when the opportunity presents itself.

It’s also something I seek, when I’m stuck in a rut.

And I always learn something from it!

I try to keep the following principles in mind when talking with others who have varying views:

  1. Listen to the other person
  2. Try to see their point of view
  3. Give thoughtful answers to their questions
  4. Respectfully share my perspective
  5. Avoid personal attacks
  6. Discuss new possibilities with an open mind
  7. If we can’t achieve #6, agree to disagree


Reaching common ground takes longer, but often it’s worth it. Can you think of a time when doing so produced better results?

And I'll try to see them from yours

And I’ll try to see them from yours