Beyond the dividing line

Sunlight bursting through the storm

Sunlight bursting through the storm

Our mind is capable of passing beyond the dividing line we have drawn for it. Beyond the pairs of opposites of which the world consists, other, new insights begin. – Hermann Hesse

Above, my view on Friday.

Just before, it was 27c/81f degrees. And when the second storm cell came in it was 12c/54f.

It’s supposed to be hot and dry.

What’s with this sudden storm?

Oh but it was powerful.

And I couldn’t help being in awe of it.

And when the sun broke through it brought the rainbow.

That’s Alberta for you. The calendar tells you it’s summer,  but nature tells you different.

This got me thinking about negotiations where opposing sides each feel strongly about their position.

It creates a dividing line.

It can get ugly.

I’ve also witnessed the beauty that transpires when both sides start from where they agree.

The outcome often surpasses the hopes of both sides.

Things don’t always go our way.  

But if we can reach beyond the dividing line, 

just as rain and sunlight bring the promise of the rainbow,

mutual understanding may bring new insights…




32 thoughts on “Beyond the dividing line

    • I lucked out Jo-Anne! I took the picture toward the light because even with the naked eye the rain drops were most visible with that angle!

      Wow, and it just dawned on me if the light represents Positivity and Hope, focusing on the good things or common values would reveal the best outcomes in negotiations as well! Ok, I will stop waxing philosophical now…

      Diana xo


  1. It is good to know that even through the storms or sudden changes in our life, their can also be sunlight and rainbows and that always gives us hope. Great picture Diana.



    • Kath, I love the sound of rain on a tin roof and the way the curtains blow into the room during a storm and the candle light flickers, creating wild shadows on the walls while the wood crackles in the fire place!
      Diana xo


  2. This one post is helpful to me right now Diana for some of the most difficult negotiations I have ever had. Thanks for your creativity in putting this truth together in a fresh way. It has inspired me to take the high road.



  3. Ah! A monkey’s wedding. Raining and sunny at the same time! A rare and wondrous sight and you have captured it on camera. What an amazing you :)
    I think of that rainbow as that bridge between the two opposing sides you speak of. Despite all the differences, if they can join together even though apart, there is this production of all these beautiful colours.


    • Monkey’s wedding…is that an expression? Love it Elizabeth.

      Yeah wasn’t sure if the rain would show up on the photo… lucky shot. Love your thoughts on the rainbow, what great imagery. <3

      Diana xo


  4. The weather in PEI has been similar over the past few days — dramatic and exciting. But you’re right about the dividing line in negotiations. The middle ground is the only place where any progress can be made.


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