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You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.~ Indira Gandhi

When I was a child witnessing wars on TV, my heart would break and I’d burst into tears.

My parents would assure me that as I got older, I would be less affected by world events; I would be too busy with the events in my own life.

For the most part, this has come to pass.

Yet news of the goings on in the Middle East and planes being shot down still reduces me to tears and I stretch out my hands toward the TV; I pray for those who have lost loved ones.

I do not know how I would act if someone’s actions killed my child.

I do not know if I would hold out an olive branch of peace.

I cannot possibly understand the Whys that cause us to do the things we do.

But I do believe that all life is sacred; my heart grieves at the loss of human life.

Perhaps I can’t affect peace on a grand scale…

but I can do so within my own circle of influence and there is much work to do.