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Hundreds of wild fires are burning in BC, Alberta and NWT. I hope everyone stays safe, but I can’t help marvel at the beauty of the sky caused by the haze. Photo by Maureen Young

So I was walking at my usual Soldier-on-a-Mission pace up 17th Avenue, finding myself occasionally stuck behind groups of people taking up the entire width of the sidewalk, and weaving in and out of people as I passed them when I got the chance.

I turned down 4th Street and Bliss.

No one on the sidewalk, except for two men about a block and half away.

The gap between me and them shrank quickly as I continued walking. The closer I got to them, the better I could hear what they were saying.

At one point, the sun suddenly broke through the clouds and haze caused by the smoke from all the wild fires burning everywhere.

One man said to the other, “Whoa! It suddenly got 8 degrees hotter!”

Now you may surmise he said this because of the sudden burst of sunlight, and I can see how you might come to that conclusion.

But just one second earlier, I passed them on their left – they must have seen me and that’s why he said that! 😉