Recently, I started following Irasia at The Fickle Heartbeat. I can’t remember how I got to The Fickle Heartbeat, but it’s all about love and who doesn’t love love? And who isn’t confused by love? And who doesn’t wish they knew more about love? I’m sure, like me, you’ll find something to love about The Fickle Heartbeat.

In Irasia’s own words:

A blog about love or lack thereof. Do you have a problem or dilemma in your relationship or potential relationship? Do you need help dating? Or maybe you have a simple question about the opposite (or same, we’re not biased) sex…

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In this post Irasia shares the sweetest words about the 10 perks of that special someone…

Go ahead and visit the link below

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The Perks of Having ‘You” by The Fickle Heartbeat



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