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Be generous with kind words, especially about those who are absent. ~ Goethe

imagesLICNMVJ9In order to ‘undo’ the effects of having said something hurtful, you need to say up to 10 encouraging things.

Even then, another hurtful comment down the road can bring a person right back to the pain of the original comment.

Am I saying we can never be critical or evaluate behaviours?  of course not! Constructive feedback is essential to growth.

We know that being hurt is unavoidable, especially for those of us who have raised children and want so badly for them to find their niche. Getting hurt is part of growing up. It happens.

And when it happens, isn’t it good to have a circle of folks who’ve got your back and want the best for you?

It’s also said that we shouldn’t talk about others behind their back.

I say go for it.

But say something nice!

Because you know what’s better than someone saying something nice to you?

Somebody saying something nice about you, to someone else, and it getting back to you!


The next time someone says something wonderful about someone you know – go tell them!