As well as being a good writer, Shelley over at Peak Perspective loves whisky–and not just drinking it. She loves the country it came from, the craftsmanship necessary to make it and the fact that it can’t be rushed. A very wise woman, if you ask me!

In Shelley’s own words:

Every day that I haven’t killed the plants in my veggie patch is one to be celebrated. Each furry nose that reaches in the direction of my hand for a comforting touch brings velvet present. The fact that my children occasionally still make eye contact with me when surrounded by their friends is a unique and reassuring gift in and of itself.

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In this very funny post Shelley shares how much she dislikes big parties and making chit-chat…

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The Etiquette of working a room by Peak Perspective



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