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This past Sunday, my daughter Michaela and her boyfriend Josh drove 5 hours south to spend the weekend with me for Mother’s Day. We had an awesome visit, but more on that in a minute.

Having had a chance to reflect on our weekend got me to thinking about Mother’s Days of the past. The beautiful handcrafted cards and noodle art. Going to a department store, handing over $20 and being told to go to the other end of the store so she could surprise me with a gift. Michaela could never wait for the actual day though, begging me “please mom, please, please, please, can I give you your present early, puh-leeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeeeee?”

And when she began getting an allowance, the gifts bought with her own money from garage sales, dollar stores and convenience stores ranging from coffee mugs and statuettes to books, candles and bubble bath became Mother’s Day fare.

Then there were the ‘breakfasts in bed.’ Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated the effort, really. But I’m not a breakfast eater and the meals that were brought to me in bed (really early in the morning, like before dawn because she was excited)  included microwaved Kraft Dinner, burnt toast drenched in butter, cereal with sprinkles and Ants on a Log.

That was then…

You’re old enough to know now Michaela, that when I sent you out of the room to fetch something, I was tossing these meals, lovingly made by you, into the garbage and pretending I’d gobbled it down when you came back. Love You! ❤ MOM

Flash forward to the present. My little girl ain’t no little girl no more. She’s a 20 year-old woman with a life of her own and a bright future ahead of her. It had been a while since we’d seen each other and I had been counting down the days to Mother’s Day like a little kid counts down the days to Christmas.

And a wonderful weekend it was; including a visit to the Calgary Zoo, a lovely bouquet of flowers and being treated to Mother’s Day breakfast at a restaurant whose menu did not include any of the above-mentioned delicacies.

This is now…

What a great Mother’s Day! I loved our chats on the bed, on the balcony and in the car where we also demonstrated our Kelly Clarkson singing for Josh. Michaela, thanks for making this Mother’s Day and all the ones in the past so special!


What was your most memorable breakfast in bed?