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When love and skill work together… expect a masterpiece. ~ John Ruskin

Photo credit: 2jere2beseder.com

Photo credit: 2jere2beseder.com

Friday was a beautiful, sunny day so my bestest friend invited me for coffee on our favourite bench in Tomkins Park.

As soon as we sat down, Michael rode in on his bike with an important message on his heart.

The most life-changing lessons I have learned over the years,  have come from people experiencing homelessness.

One can learn a lot about what is important from those who have very little.

“Who you are isn’t who you are,” he said. 

“I am native. I am homeless. But that is not who I am.

That is not who God sees. You have to look deeper than that to see.”

Michael continued, “When you know who you are, you can act from love and do what you’re meant to do.”

Then he added, “I’m hungry. Going to eat some chicken now and then I’ll be looking for a wife. So if you’re still here when I get back…”

As he left, I turned to my friend and said, “Yeah, so we should go now,”  She laughed.