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Sometimes I just sit on the floor, pull my knees up and hug them. Because that’s how I roll. ~ taken from a friend of a friend’s facebook status update

Because that's how I roll...

Because that’s how I roll…

Oh how I laughed when I first read this status update!

Not at first, mind you. I thought it was going to fit more into the “curl up into the fetal position because life sucks” category.

But it didn’t. Who knows, the author may have been having a tough go of it, but she chose to take the sting away with humour.

Humour, after all, is often born out of tragedy. Something unwanted happens and we make a joke about it.

It helps us cope.

So when I opened my curtains on Saturday morning and saw the snow, I chose to laugh it off. 🙂

 My Neighbourhood – May 3, 2014

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 Things don’t always go the way we plan them. We make mistakes. We do embarrassing things. It snows on May 3rd.

Maybe we just need to laugh it off.


Do you use humour to defuse difficult situations?

Laughter is good for the heart, literally!