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I don’t like that man, I must get to know him better. ~ Abraham Lincoln

fightflight(3)Most folks  respond in one of two ways to someone, or their opinion, when they strongly disagree.

Fight  or Flight.

I’m a fighter.  Even when I’m fearful.  Rather, especially when I am fearful.

My jaw is ferociously flapping  and my fists  are fiercely  clenching and I’m foaming  at the mouth.

I wonder why I put on such a fruitless front. A frivolous  exercise in futility.

Must I always be so formidable? 

What if I chose a more favourable  response? What if I chose to fancy  their views by fantasizing  about how we might flourish  together before flipping  them off?

Would that be a fatal  mistake?

Would that make me a failure? 

Should it even be a factor?

Don’t be faint-hearted.  Don’t focus  on your festering feelings or the flaws  of your fellow  beings.

Friend  is better than foe.  We get further faster  by functioning  together and becoming familiar  with each others’ ways.  Why not be a fair-minded facilitator  by forming  a fantastic future  for all.

At the very least, it’s Food  for Thought.


What’s your favourite   “F” word?