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“Optimism is the greatest form of rebellion.” Carmen Medina

sail boatWe live in a world where our options are often dictated to us by those in authority. A few solutions are presented and we vote for the least offensive one.

To operate outside this context seems too overwhelming a task.

Yet those self-appointed with the authority to tackle the big issues in our world are merely looking after their own interests, so why shouldn’t I look after my own?

Because realistically, what difference can I make standing alone against a wall of bureaucracy? A well-oiled machine that moves steadily on, bulldozing everything in its path?

Martin Luther King gave an ‘I have a dream’  speech, not an ‘I have a plan with three options you can choose from’  speech. He was hopeful for a day when all men and women would be equal. He was optimistic about humanity doing the right thing. It was his optimism that united a generation.

One could even say it was the greatest form of rebellion against the accepted norms of his day.


Grant me the courage to be optimistic and unite a generation to do the right thing