Anna Rose  over at Rose with Thorns  dedicates her blog to anyone who suffers from any mental illness, learning disability or hardship, along with their friends and family who want to support them. I am struck by her matter-of-fact honesty in the stories that she shares and I encourage you to snoop around her blog when you’ve finished reading my Friday Pick below.

In Anna Rose’s own words:

Aspergian, depressed, anxious, anorexic, past compulsive over-eater, PTSD sufferer, SIB inflictor, allergy sensitive, sleep struggler: I have had many labels placed on me in my life.  However, as a college student, I am finally beginning to see a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel.

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In this post Anna Rose explores historical events that still impact us today…

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One Thousand Thanks by Rose with Thorns


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