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Perhaps he knew, as I did not, that the Earth was made round so that we would not see too far down the road. ~ Isak Dinesen

CALL ME A REBEL, a lunatic or a non-conformist, but I just don’t believe in 10 year plans. Humans are not wired to think that way. The most we can tactically plan for is a year, 18 months tops!

Over the years, it has been my experience that much of what we plan beyond the first year has to be revamped or scrapped altogether. That just makes me feel like I’m wasting my time. And I don’t like wasting my time!

We cannot know how the environment will change. Just look at the recession of ’07 as an example.

“But Diana, you’re always talking about vision and mission and dreams…”

Yes I am! My vision to ignite the power and passion in others, or my mission to relate with, promote and speak community do not, however, have mapped out tactical strategies for 2016, 2017, or 2024.

Who I am and what I do alerts me to opportunities that are present in the now and, no doubt, will shape my future.


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