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kellytweet“Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is?” Frank Scully

Thanks Kelly!

It reminds me of my childhood adventures on the Meyer Farm in Franklin Centre and my love for Macintosh apples!

Back in the day when apples were more organic, nothing beat the taste of an apple fresh from the orchard. The ones on the ground were often bruised but were yummy in cakes and apple sauce. The Meyer’s also made cider, something I would grow to appreciate as I got older.

We ate the ones we could reach on the branches. They were so juicy and sweet.

Apples gathered by workers on ladders were the best of all; that coveted fruit out on the limb that brought with it an element of risk, yet promised the greatest reward.

In real life we make decisions every day about the things we’ll go out on the limb for. It depends on what we need. It depends on our passions and ambitions. And when we do go out on a limb, it’s because we’ve decided the risk is worth it.


What do you go out on a limb for?