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The monkey and ladybug on the hand-painted jewelry box

The ‘I love you’  knickknack and the LOVE candle.

The sunny mom plaque made in elementary school.

And that red scarf from Paris.

And the thousands of memories, smiles, encouragements, hugs and kisses my daughter has given me. Her wittiness, sarcasm and how it makes us laugh until we cry. The walks and talks and long drives.

And the time when:

  • she caught me crying and put her hands on my face and told me God would take care of us.
  • she looked me up and down and said, “..is that what you’re wearing?”
  • she ran back out of her room after the one and only spanking I ever gave her, to make sure I still loved her.
  • I read to her and she read to me.
  • we were laying on my bed and she told me about the boy she loved.
  • her eyes were filled with wonder at Disneyland.
  • we went to Pinantan Lake for summer vacation.
  • when we sang – no, screamed – along with Kelly Clarkson while on a road trip.
  • she watched them take blood from me so I could prove it wasn’t such a big deal.
  • she went to Starbucks and brought me my favourite coffee.
  • she wrote about me being her best friend.