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I’ve been so busy!

51ONNS1eetL__SS400_Seriously! I get up. I exercise. I boot up the old beast of a computer. Pour myself a cup of coffee. Put my head down. And work!

Then I break for lunch. Watch the news. Get on my boots and coat. And power walk through my neighbourhood.

Once home, I plug the kettle in. Make tea. And get back to work. Sometimes work means brainstorming marketing ideas for The Other Bottom Line on my whiteboard.

Sometimes it means writing a fundraising letter for a non-profit organization or building the framework to bring a group through a process to achieve their desired goal.

Sometimes it means interpreting and segmenting data in preparation for future planning.

Make no mistake. I’ve been so busy!

At the end of the day I’m tired. A good tired. You know what I mean? The kind of tired you get when you’ve been doing what you love. When you are living your purpose and following your heart.

Yeah, I’ve been busy. And I’m tired.

And tomorrow I’m going to do it again.

And I can’t wait!


What’s keeping you busy?