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Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts. ~ Jim Morrison

Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day

Why did I ever think that cutting my own hair would be a good idea?

What about that period of time I dyed my hair bleached-blond? Or the time I forgot to rinse the dye out on time?

And what was up with that short, short hair in my late 30’s??

It’s hard to know what I was thinking, but one lesson that stands out is that when I’ve tried to do new things without seeking the help of professionals or tried to be someone who I’m not, the results weren’t pretty!

Why do I fight against the natural tendencies of my hair instead ofΒ working withΒ them?

Could this be true in my everyday life as well?

Like when I’ve taken on new things without seeking counsel from someone who’s been there?

Or when I’ve tried to tow the company line when it scratched against my own values?

It’s funny how I’ve worked so hard against some things instead of working with them.


Do you find yourself working against your natural abilities?