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Moving people begins when you understand them, not when they understand you. ~ Dan Rockwell

Photo credit: yag-u.com

Photo credit: yag-u.com

Sometimes people I care about, say and do things that shock me.

Sometimes it even feels like they’re working against me or trying to discourage me.

Often my automatic response is to take a defensive posture.

I want to ‘help them understand’  where their views and actions fall short.

I consider it my duty to set them on the right path and I blast them with my point of view.

I wonder how many times I have made others feel like the woman in the picture above.

Maybe you do this too. I know that some organizations do this as well.

For some reason we think that if we keep on stating our case and justifying why we’re doing what we’re doing, others will just fall in line.

Think about it though. How often does that work when it happens to you?

If I can understand another’s perspective, then together we can find common ground. And from that place we are one step closer to working together.


What do you think?