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Photo credit: Wikipedia

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Peace on earth and goodwill to all

On December 18th, I was invited to a Steve Bell Christmas concert.

I was going so I could help man a table for an incredible organization called The StreetLevel Network with my good friends Pat Nixon and his wife Lise.

As always, when I set out to volunteer, I walk away having received so much more than I give!

Steve Bell is an amazing songwriter and singer who masterfully shares stories before every song.

He shared a story about a trip to Israel and Palestine. He told how moved he was that people greet each other with Shalom in Israel and salam alaykum in Palestine. He went on to say how peace often means peace without conflict to us, but in Israel and Palestine peace is peace even within conflict.

When he returned to Canada being greeted with ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ just seemed lame in comparison. In a search for the origins of these greetings, Steve found that Hi is a contraction of Hello and Hello is a contraction of Whole be thou.



I wish you peace.

The peace that passes all understanding.

Peace that promotes good will for all

regardless of their race, or beliefs, or customs, or gender. 

Peace within, the kind of peace that allows you to lay your head

on your pillow at night with a clear conscience.

The peace that fills your heart when you know God holds you in His love.

The kind of peace

that prevails

without, and

within ,conflict.


A taste of Steve Bell’s music below:


Whole Be Thou

Merry Christmas!