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Christmas, a time to spend with your loved ones, a time for family, a time to give.

We spend so much time thinking about our families at this time of year. We rush around buying each other gifts and sending cards. We hurry to the grocery store to make sure the dinner is perfect. We donate gifts and food to Christmas bureaus and food banks. What we don’t do is take time to stop and have a look around. We don’t look at our friends and people we love and care about and make sure they are not alone for Christmas. I can almost guarantee that at least 1 person you know will be spending Christmas alone. Having spent Christmas alone at least once in my life, I can tell you it is very sad. Maybe their family is far away, or have passed on. Everyone’s circumstance is different.
Sometimes it is not about giving a valuable gift. Take a moment, look around, who is alone? Maybe you can invite that person to Christmas dinner. If that’s not possible, maybe you can take a time out from your Christmas Day and stop in, say hello, have some coffee. It may mean the world to that person.

Christmas, a time to never feel alone.


I met Stephanie when she was a teenager. At the time, she faced some serious struggles in her life – a story that is hers to share should she ever wish to do so. When Stephanie asked me if she could share a Christmas post on my blog, I’m jumped at it and agreed immediately. Like Stephanie, I know the loneliness of being alone and the blessing of being included at Christmas.

Thank you Stephanie for your wisdom and beautiful heart-felt words. Merry Christmas!