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cakeThe other day Mom told me there were no special plans for her birthday. She said that’s OK, no big deal…even as a child she was told…don’t expect anything today, you will have to wait until Christmas.

That’s what happens when your birthday is so close to Christmas, I guess.

I couldn’t let the 75th go by without at least a mention here on my blog though!

Mom is a doer.

She does for others, makes sure their birthdays are acknowledged.

At 75 she is still caring for others. She is the one who is caring for Dad as he recovers from the surgery he had in September. Thank you for doing that Mom!

She is the glue that connects her siblings in Germany. And the glue that keeps our immediate family connected too.

Wish I could be there to celebrate your birthday in person Mom. Know that I am with you in spirit and wishing you the very best of everything!

Love ya!

Diana xo