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stampSorry for dropping the *‘F bomb’  but nothing else seems to articulate as clearly how miffed I am!

I’ve been known to say, “If I wanted to just do my job and it leave it there when I go home, I’d work for Canada Post.”

That’s because they do what they do pretty much in the same way they’ve always done it. If everything stayed the same forever, Canada Post has the perfect plan to run their organization.

Their beehive mentality and procedural methods work in a world where there is no change in demand for services.

But HELLO!!! Nothing stays the same forever!

Canada Post recently announced that they are ceasing door-to-door delivery for 1/3 of Canadians in urban areas.

Thousands of postal workers will lose their jobs.

Postage stamps that presently cost $0.65 will go up to $0.85 each when a book of stamps is purchased, and an astonishing, unbelievable rate of $1.00 when purchasing a singular stamp!

Canada Post states that it has lost millions in the last quarter and if they continue this way they will lose billions in a matter of a few short years.

Look. I understand cutbacks, really I do but I want to point out something important.

And that is the words: ‘if they continue this way’

Listen up Canada Post. This situation isn’t something that suddenly happened. You should have picked up this ball 20 years ago. You should have been asking yourself what’s going to happen to us with the dawn of the internet? You should have let your CEO go and hired a mover and shaker!

“The best time to plant an Oak tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is right now,”

Maybe it’s not too late!

Give the old guy the boot. Get a ‘Steve Jobs’  type in there and remind us of the joy we had when we received a handwritten letter. Start a movement that touches our hearts and saves the jobs of thousands! If you don’t do it, someone else will.


* As you may have noticed, this post is a deviation from the usual uplifting style you have grown accustomed to. I promise to deliver my usual optimism and rose-coloured-glass’ismness tomorrow in a special bonus post! 🙂